BLACKTAILOR chose to exclusively specialise in cargo pants. The engineering of it has been our primary focus since day one, and we have achieved huge progress in improving our products since then. Our vision is to make it into every man’s must-have list, because we really love them.



Our cargo pants features mainly 4 styles from skinny/regular/relaxed to baggy fits. These 4 styles allow our customers to select the best outfits for different situations. We aim at designing variety of cargo pants for different purposes.



We communicate with our users pretty closely and review the feedback seen in reviews and emails. After that, our design team works with our tailor of 30+ years experience to balance the engineering and design. Everyone of the team wears BLACKTAILOR on a daily basis, so we get consistent opinions as well. We create five prototypes of each pair of pants before production to ensure that every pair of them is made up to our standard.



Before launching a new product, all products are prototyped in at least five different fabrics and are tested by our teammates to overcome daily life challenges so that we can get a realistic review from actual users. We also have a strict standard for our stitches per inch to ensure the consistency of our performance. All of the products have gone through a hands-on quality check, piece by piece, before shipping out. We also keep track of the QC record so that we can easily trace back when there is a problem.



We sell online only to avoid huge markups associated with traditional retail. Our business model lets us sell the same quality directly to you for a fraction of the price.