“Challenge” is something that is immensely satisfying when achieved.
Nothing is more exciting than the sense of superiority and a bird’s-eye view when soaring in the sky. Our latest campaign has been inspired by Scotland’s Isle of Skye - a truly spectacular place that has its name chasing back to the Gaelic origin, meaning winged isle due to its unique shape.Being tough is essential for soaring in the skies comfortably.
For our latest collection, we have selected heavier materials to highlight toughness. At the same time, our simple design ensures comfort. Just like how the Isle of Skye has inspired us, we firmly believe the island itself and our latest collection will also bring new inspirations to your day-to-day outfits. 
Like the Isle of Skye, a soaring eagle, or us as a brand, we face countless life challenges daily. We committed to tackling every challenge, regardless of its nature and magnitude, and we hope that you also share the value of our toughness. 
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